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Our checklist of services, people and organisations you may need to contact regarding your move.

You can use this checklist to remind you to contact various people and organisations about your forthcoming move. You may have to add to the list to suit your individual requirements.

One month before you move

  • Family and friends – Notify friends and family of your change of address and date when you will be moving.

  • Banks / building societies – Notify your bank of your change of address and consider transferring your account to a branch nearer to your new home. Don’t forget any items that are retained by the bank for safe keeping.

  • Credit / store cards – Fill in the change of address section of your statement when returning it with your payment and also notify any card protection insurers that you may have.

  • Standing orders – Give your new address to relevant companies.

  • Schools – Notify your children’s school(s) of their leaving date and advise the new school(s) as soon as possible.

  • Inland revenue – Notify your local tax office quoting your reference number (this can be found on your pay slip/ P60 / coding notification).

  • Premium bonds – Write to the National Savings & Investments (NS & I) NS & I – Premium Bonds Office quoting your bond number (form available from the Post Office).

  • National insurance / welfare benefits – Write to your local Department of Social Security (DSS) office, giving your full name, date of birth, and full National Insurance number.

  • Pension – Advise your local Post Office or private scheme of your change of address.

  • Insurances – Notify your broker or individual insurance companies: motor, household contents, life and other insurances.

  • Driving licence – Complete the change of address section on your licence and return it to DVLC.

  • Stocks and shares – Notify your stock broker or each individual company registrars.

  • Landlord / tenants – Give appropriate notice to quit or advise tenants of any change of landlord.

  • Doctor / hospital / dentist / optician – De-register if you are moving away and research alternatives nearer to your new address. Liaise with hospital if undergoing regular treatment.

  • Post office – The Post Office prefers at least seven days notice for the redirection of your mail. This can only be done over the counter at the Post Office.

  • TV licence – Fill in the change of address part on the existing licence.

  • TV or appliance rental – Notify any company you may be leasing equipment from.

  • Private medical insurance – Advise change of address and/or research new schemes.

  • Subscriptions – Notify all magazines / organisations / clubs / charities to which you subscribe of your new address.

  • Printers – If required, arrange for the printing of change of address cards, with your new postcode.

  • Hotel or guest house – If you need hotel accommodation during the removal, book your hotel well in advance, especially if the move occurs during the summer months.

  • Carpets / curtains – If you are ordering these new, confirm the correct delivery dates.

  • Telecommunication / mobile phone providers / internet providers – Contact providers and advise of your change of address and the date from which you wish your new number to operate. Give at least two weeks notice. Arrange for different suppliers in your new area if required.

  • Council tax – Notify the relevant authorities in both your current area and the area to which you are moving.

  • Warranties – Notify any companies that you may have warranties with.

  • Motor vehicle licence – Send the appropriate section of your vehicle registration document to the Vehicle Licensing Centre, Swansea.

  • Pets – Make arrangements to book pets into kennels / cattery etc. or for friends or relatives to look after them during the move. Arrange for the transfer of your pet’s records to the new vet.

A week before you move

  • Electricity – Contact your existing company and advise your new supplier of when you are to move into your new home. Give at least a 48 hours notice.

  • Gas – Contact your existing company and advise your new supplier of when you are to move into your new home. Give at least a 48 hours notice.

  • Water – At least 48 hours notice is required by both your existing and your new authority to arrange for disconnection and re-connection of supply.

  • Library – Make sure that you take all the books back that you have on loan.

  • Items on loan – Return borrowed items to your friends and neighbours.

  • Milk / papers / local deliveries – Settle outstanding accounts and cancel supplies.

  • Dry cleaning – Collect all remaining items.

  • Children – If possible arrange childcare on removal day


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